The office of Mayor of High Wycombe is traditionally ceremonial and non political.

The Mayor of High Wycombe is chosen each year at the Annual Meeting of the Charter Trustees. The Charter Trustees of the town of High Wycombe are councillors appointed to the Town Wards who have a ceremonial role as Charter Trustees in addition to their District Council responsibilities. Annually, one of the Charter Trustees is nominated by his/her peers to be Mayor of the town.

The office of Mayor is apolitical and the person represents the town at many civic and ceremonial events. The Mayor has a badge of office that is worn to all civic and formal events in High Wycombe. The robes of office are only worn on civic occasions when the Mayor is accompanied by his or her officers and leads Charter Trustees and other dignitaries in procession.

The role of the Mayor at events is very important and is wide ranging: opening a new establishment, supporting local groups, chairing meetings for local voluntary organisations.

The Mayor is traditionally supported by his Mayoress who wears a beautiful chain of office when accompanying the Mayor.

The Deputy Mayor may represent the Mayor at engagements. On these occasions the Deputy Mayor wears a badge of office as does the Deputy Mayoress.