9 Steps to Renting a Property in BH

Most of the time, renting a property is directly related to an immediate need, so it is normal that the anxiety of finding one that meets all the desired characteristics and that fits your budget, makes the process exhausting.

We know, however, that the best way to eliminate this risk and make it less “traumatic” is preparation. Therefore, we have prepared this guide so that you know all the stages of the process that you will go through until you receive the keys to the property, eliminating wear and tear and only worrying about what is really important – finding the ideal property for you.

In the following video we selected the 4 main steps, below, you can check in detail the 9 that you will go through:

1) Selection of Properties

Choosing a property is one of the most important decisions we make, so research is essential.

The internet has stood out as the main search engine for anyone looking to rent in BH, as it allows you to compare various properties in different regions, in addition to enabling you to define your goal based on your budget.

It is not for nothing that more than 90% of customers who rent a property in Casa Mineira start their search online, even because doing this search on our website is very simple: there are more than 10 filters that allow you to define with greater property your interest.

2) Visit to the Properties

It is okay that you will not buy the property, but it will be yours for a long period, after all, the average time that a tenant occupies a property is 36 months for residential and 60 months for commercial. Therefore, nothing better than knowing each detail of the chosen properties in person and especially visiting as much as you can.

It is worth noting that even if there are some who are not in your region of interest or who do not meet all the predefined characteristics, it is important to visit them; thus, you will have a basis for comparison or at least be able to say with propriety “this property definitely does not match my profile”. It is not uncommon for a tenant to be surprised by a property that, when he saw it on the website, did not delight him.

3) Getting to know the Real Estate Company

When renting a property you are not just choosing your new property. By signing the lease, you also start a relationship with the chosen real estate agency to broker the tenant / owner relationship that will be responsible for the collection of rent and charges, service and intermediation of matters relating to the contract, maintenance of the property, condominium, among others.

Whoever chooses to rent property through a real estate company, is looking for convenience and security, as it is responsible for intermediating all the processes, from the most bureaucratic to the most conflicting and / or successful. Intermediation is essential for a healthy management of the rental process, which prevents any wear and tear between lessor and lessee. Therefore, it is important that you check the suitability of the company in the market and especially be sure that it will guarantee the quality of the services provided while you are at the property.

4) Lease Intent

The lease intention is the first step after choosing the property and starts the “bureaucratic” part of the process.

This term is the formalization of the interest in renting a particular property to real estate and consequently to the owner. It will contain not only the amount to be paid, but also all the considerations that the possible tenant deems necessary for the signing of the contract, such as the lease term, start date of the contract and any necessary reforms.

5) Lease Documentation and Warranty

If your rental intention is accepted by the owner of the property, you must present the documentation to register and define the type of guarantee that best fits your profile.

  • Documentation:

The analysis of the documentation is carried out to ensure that the future tenant has the minimum income necessary to bear the costs of rent and rental charges, in addition to verifying his “good paying” history. For this, you will be asked to fill out an individual or legal registration form and provide all documents that prove the information provided.

  • Rental guarantee:

In addition to the documentation of the tenant (s), it is required that a guarantee for lease is presented, which acts as a kind of protection to the owner in case of default. Currently, there are 3 the most practiced modalities in the market:

  • Guarantee Insurance

Marketed by an insurance broker, Seguro Fiança is a type of guarantee in which the tenant hires an Insurer to guarantee the lease, with the owner as the beneficiary.

The value of the surety bond is defined according to the Insurer’s analysis. In BH, it is approximately 2 rents, but Casa Mineira has a special condition with Porto Seguro and in most cases we get 1.5 rents, and your payment can be divided up to 12 times, or 6 times no interest on your credit card.

It is worth mentioning that the Guarantee Insurance is valid for 12 months and must be renewed annually until the end of the contract.

  • Capitalization Title

Also marketed by an insurance broker, the capitalization bond is another modality that can be used to guarantee a lease. In BH, real estate agents require that the title be equivalent to at least 12 times the rent + charges (condominium and property tax).

The title will serve as a guarantee during the lease and can be redeemed in full at the end of the contract. In addition, the value is updated by the TR (Referential Rate) and you can still participate in 2 draws held monthly by the Federal Lottery, competing for the total value of the title in cash.

The capitalization bond is the most agile alternative for renting a property. Hiring is simple and quick and does not require a thorough registration analysis of the tenant, who must prove, only, an income higher than 03 times the rent + charges and be free of restrictions.

  • Guarantors

The last and best known option is the presentation of the guarantors, who can be individuals or legal entities. For this modality in BH, 02 guarantors are normally required with a net income greater than 03 times the rent + charges, and at least 01 of them must have a paid property.

In this modality, the guarantors, as well as the tenant (s), must present registration forms duly completed, as well as the necessary documents to prove the information provided.


6) Registration approval

After the delivery of all documentation, the analysis of your registration will be carried out by the real estate company, in case the chosen guarantee is Capitalization Bond or Guarantors, or by the Insurer, if you choose the Bail Insurance.

The analysis time varies in each case, however, at Casa Mineira this analysis is done in a few hours and in most of them, the customer receives the return on the same day.

An important tip for those in a hurry to rent a property in BH is to deliver the complete documentation following exactly the guidelines of the real estate company.

7) Rental and Inspection Contract

After the approval of the registration, the responsible real estate company will provide the initial inspection term and the lease agreement.

The initial inspection term is a document that details the aesthetic aspects of the property’s state of conservation. Its main objective is to report the situation of the property at the time of handing over the keys to the tenant, so that at the end of the lease, it will be returned to the owner in the same state in which it was delivered.

The Rental Agreement is the instrument that defines the rights and duties of the tenant and the owner, as well as relevant information such as the rental price, readjustment index, lease term, date and form of payment, among others.


8) Fire insurance rate

One of the biggest risks to real estate is the risk of fire. Therefore, in order to guarantee the security of the property of the owner, the real estate agents condition the rental of the property to the payment of fire insurance.

It is important that both the real estate agent and the tenant pay attention to the insurance contract, as well as its annual renewal.

9) Handing over the Keys

With all the documents cited in hand, those involved can now sign the contract and the current tenant will be able to remove the keys to the property.

It is clear that the support of a suitable real estate company is essential for carrying out the process safely, however, with knowledge it is possible to get rid of hassles and avoid irregularities.

If you liked our guidelines and are looking for a property to rent in BH, visit our website and find the best opportunities in your profile.

But if you rent or are about to rent a property with Casa Mineira, we recommend reading the Renter’s Manual . Our manual contains all the information to have a peaceful rental.