Apartment plans: 20 options to have in your home

Those who live in an apartment do not need to give up the plants. They are great as decorative elements, as well as refreshing the hottest apartments. In addition, caring for apartment plants can be a great hobby. Although the space is smaller and limiting for some species of plants, there is a way to reconcile the environment with gardening.

If you want to decorate with plants, but have a smaller space, check out the list below with 20 apartment plants that take up little space and give you little work to grow.

The advantages of apartment plants

The apartment plants are a great green decoration. However, having plants at home offers advantages that go beyond just beautifying the environment. You can, for example, choose to set up a vertical garden and have vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables always at hand. In addition to saving on the market, they are good options for those who want a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to the use of plants for decoration, it is important to highlight their role in improving the health of residents. This is because, they are able to improve air quality and, some species even have the ability to filter pollutants, removing toxic gases from closed environments. To ensure the best results, it is recommended to have around 15 plants that take up little space indoors.

Plants are also great for reducing cold-related diseases as they increase humidity levels and reduce dust. They are also very effective in combating drowsiness, ideal for those who have a home office. The explanation for this is related to their ability to remove excess carbon dioxide from the air. In addition, they contribute to a sense of well-being that reduces stress levels and headaches.

20 plants for apartment

1. Anthurium

We start the list with anthurium, a plant known as ideal for dimly lit places (although it shouldn’t be in dark places). Anthurium, in general, is grown in pots. Its color stands out in the place where it is placed, so it is ideal to highlight more faded environments. In Brazil, the best known is the red “flower”, but there are anthuriums in pink, white, salmon and brown. This species of plant should be irrigated three to four times a week.

Average seedling price: R $ 30.00.

2. Azalea

This apartment plan requires direct sunlight, so it is advisable to place it in places such as balconies and balconies. Its flowers can be pink, red and white. Azalea should be irrigated regularly, every two days.

Average seedling price: R $ 25.00.

3. Lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo doesn’t like a lot of light, but it loves humidity, which makes this species of plant perfect to be placed in bathrooms. Just be careful to water your lucky bamboo constantly.

Average seedling price: R $ 10.00.

4. Begonia

Ideal for vases, the begonia is very colorful, being great for those who want to decorate with plants that transmit joy and life to the environment. It does not need a lot of light and must be irrigated two or three times a week, depending on how damp the soil is.

Average price of a pack of 100 seeds: R $ 8.00.

5. Bromeliad

The colors of the bromeliad contrast with each other: red with dark green. Anyone who wants to have this apartment plant needs to be aware of the incidence of light: the luminosity must be done indirectly, as the constant sunlight can burn its foliage.

Average seedling price: R $ 10.00.

6. Camedórea-elegant

This species of plant belongs to the family of palm trees, but does not exceed two meters in height. It is good for planting in pots, which look great in the corners of living rooms or balconies. It is necessary to water it four times a week. Camedórea-Elegante should not be kept in constant sunlight; prefer environments without light or with half-shade.

Average seedling price: R $ 20.00.

7. Philodendron

The heart-shaped foliage of the Philodendron makes it easily recognizable. Originating in Brazil, this species of plant should be kept in a clear environment, but away from direct sunlight. The Philodendron can be watered only when the land is dry.

Average seedling price: R $ 35.00.

8. Jade

Jade is an apartment plant that looks like a mini-tree. Its growth is slow, and the foliage is bluish green. You should leave your Jade receiving direct sunlight at least once a day. It can be irrigated once a week (but do not leave the soil moist).

Average seedling price: R $ 25.00.

9. Boa constrictor

The boa has brilliant foliage and needs to be watered constantly. Although it can be grown with direct sunlight, the best way to grow this species of plant is to keep it in half shade, so that its foliage remains bright and vigorous.

Caution: this plant is toxic, so it must be kept out of the reach of children and animals.

Average plant price: R $ 20.00.

10. Sword of Saint George

The sword of São Jorge is one of the best known apartment plans. It is ideal for those who want to decorate corners of rooms and indoor rooms with plants. It has vertical and cylindrical leaves and can be planted in pots or even in stone gardens, since it is quite resistant. The sword of São Jorge does not require much irrigation: every two weeks, without pouring water directly on the leaves, it is sufficient.

Average seedling price: R $ 25.00.

11. Peace Lily

One of the cheapest and most affordable apartment plans. The peace lily is good for those who want to decorate plants with shadows, since its white leaves cannot receive direct sunlight, at the risk of being burned. Always keep your soil moist, maintaining an average of three irrigations a week. It is normal for your leaves to turn green over time.

Caution: this plant is toxic, so it must be kept out of the reach of children and animals.

Average seedling price: R $ 8.00.

12. Mini Cactus

The mini cactus does not need a lot of water or sun. But, you must always check your land to see if it is not dry; if you have, water it to moisten it (usually once a week). Take care of your spines, which can hurt, as well as being difficult to remove from the skin.

Average seedling price: R $ 8.00.

13. Pacová

Also known as aloe vera [confused with aloe vera (Aloe vera)], this tropical plant has shiny leaves and a leather-like texture. It should be grown in moist soil and in half shade.

Average seedling price:   R $ 25.00.

14. Fan palm

Who wants to decorate with prominent plants, can choose the fan palm, which has a unique trunk with attractive foliage. Choose an environment with indirect light and keep the plant soil moist. The recommended irrigation is three to four times a week, in addition to spraying its leaves with water.

Average price of a package with 10 seeds: R $ 15.00.

15. Raffia palm

This is one of the most expensive apartment plans on the list. The raffia palm is originally from China and has thin, long stems, reminiscent of bamboo. This species of plant grows slowly; it should be grown in half-shade environments and watered every week. Who wants to decorate the living room with plants, the raffia palm is ideal, bringing a tropical and oriental air to the decoration.

Average seedling price: R $ 170.00.

16. Water stick

The water stick is ideal for those who want to decorate with plants and maintain rustic environments. It does not need direct sunlight. You should water your plant two or three times a week, in addition to spraying the leaves with water, for healthier growth.

Average plant price: R $ 150.00.

17. Rosa de Pedra

The stone rose is also known as Echeveria and is shaped like a flower. Just like the sword of São Jorge, you should water it every two weeks, without directing the water on the leaves. This species of plant does not require much sun.

Average plant price: R $ 20.00.

18. Singonium

The singonian has a very showy foliage, making it ideal for those who wish to decorate with plants for the apartment. It should be in half-shade and be watered frequently, keeping the soil moist to strengthen its growth.

Caution: this plant is toxic, so it must be kept out of the reach of children and animals.

Average seedling price: R $ 8.00.

19. Violet

Violet, in general, is planted in small pots. It needs to be watered two or three times a week and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Its variety of colors makes it one of the most decorative plants for apartments, and can decorate from tables to windows.

Average price of a package with 10g of semesiantes: R $ 7,00.

20. Zamioculca

Zamioculca is a very resistant plant, able to remain beautiful even if you forget to take care of it. The ideal is to water once a week and take care of the sun, which, if direct, may not be good for your growth. The recommendation is to keep the zamioculca in environments without light or in the shade.

Caution: this plant is toxic, so it must be kept out of the reach of children and animals.

Average seedling price: R $ 25.00.

Plants for small apartments: taking advantage of spaces

A good decoration with plants for the apartment will depend on the way they will be arranged, in addition to the care received. So, to better occupy the spaces and acquire several species of plants, verticalizing the pots can be a great option. You can install shelves or place the seedlings on furniture such as book shelves or the sideboard of your television.

Having plants in an apartment does not need to require large structures. They are excellent for the health of the residents as well as being a decorative charm. Therefore, take good care of your plant, plan its location and keep the environment well decorated.