Buy apartment on the floor plan: see if it’s still worth it and what precautions to take

Those who choose to buy an apartment in the plant tend to be in no hurry to move and prefer to use their time for planning and scheduling their lives. In addition, buying a new apartment is a guarantee that the facilities will be modern, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs.

Thus, buying a property in the plant has many advantages, especially for those who dream of a house totally designed for their expectations and desires. However, many still see in these ventures their high risk and for this reason they have a certain suspicion. For this, it is very important to understand what it means to buy an apartment on the floor, in addition to its advantages and disadvantages.

How it works to buy an apartment in the plant

Buying an apartment in the plant involves some peculiarities. In this model, the buyer basically finances the construction costs. In this way, it is possible to finance one third of the total amount for the construction period. For example, if the apartment is worth R $ 450 thousand and the construction will take 3 years, there is R $ 150 thousand for entry and another 300 thousand to be paid after handing over the keys. The entry fee can be divided into monthly installments, intermediate fees and a final fee on delivery. All of this varies according to the contract.

When buying an apartment on the floor plan it is very common for some people to think that the value is greater than buying a new property. However, this is only because the value at the entrance is higher. This is because the construction company needs this amount to speed up construction.

When the work is completed, the buyer can decide whether to pay the remaining total amount or proceed with the financing request. An important point for those who choose to finance the remaining amount, is to remember that it is very important that the construction company is reliable. This is because, when assessing your credit, the bank will qualify whether the construction of the property meets current legislation.

Advantages of buying an apartment on the floor plan

Buying an apartment in the plant, as well as any development, has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is up to the buyer to define which business is the best for their profile and financial condition.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a new apartment is the option of installment payment. For a ready-made apartment, it is necessary to pay between 20% and 30% of the entry at the time of purchase. For properties in the plant, it is possible to divide the value by the construction time. In addition, there is greater flexibility for negotiations, such as improving payment conditions or even choosing the best view.

Another very important point concerns the personalization of the property. Buying an apartment on the floor plan allows you to negotiate certain characteristics of the property with the construction company. Therefore, you can change doors, coverings and floors. Thus, you can increase the chances of appreciation of the property. Although this factor involves several points, a new property has great chances of appreciation.

Disadvantages of buying apartment in the plant

However, buying a property in the plant can be a risky venture, since there is a possibility of not receiving the equity. The reasons usually involve financial problems of the construction company, which in some cases may even close.

Thus, some buyers may find themselves trapped in a long legal dispute to recover their investments, which in many cases does not. This is because, you will be acquiring a good that does not yet exist. The buyer offers a value for the contractor to build, and the effective purchase and sale contract is only made at the end. To avoid these situations, it is very important to search for developers and choose the most reliable and with the most years in the market.

In addition, buying an apartment in the plant also presents the risk that, at the end of the construction, the projects may be different from what was promised. This happens, because the apartments are displayed in models and simulations, which may change during the work.

In addition, to invest in an apartment on the floor it is necessary to keep in mind the readjustments that make the initial value go up. The values ​​are generally corrected by the INCC (National Construction Cost Index), an inflation rate for civil construction. It is calculated on the basis of materials and labor services and applies to all installments and monthly debit balance. Therefore, the monthly amount to be paid for property in the plant will never be equal to the first installment.

5 tips for not making mistakes when buying an apartment on the floor plan

We have already seen that buying an apartment in the plant has many advantages. On the other hand, it is also a risky investment and, therefore, some precautions must be taken.

Understand what the enterprise means

Understanding the meaning of the project is very important when we ask ourselves if an apartment in the plant is worthwhile. Contrary to what many people think, these properties have some particularities. The first and most important of these concerns its construction. Buying an apartment on the floor means financing the construction of your property.

Thus, this is not the best endeavor if your intention is to move as quickly as possible. This is because the delivery time can vary between 18 and up to 36 months. For those in a hurry, the ideal is to opt for a used property.

Control spending

A very common situation for those who decide to acquire a property is not really knowing the values ​​that the transaction involves. To avoid problems, it is important to know exactly how much they can afford. Keeping these values ​​in mind will guide your search for the ideal property. Therefore, before starting your search, make a simulation of real estate credit and find out the value that you can really assume the installments.

In addition, it is necessary to keep in mind that a property in the plant does not have furniture and decoration. Thus, it is necessary to separate a value to decorate and furnish the apartment, in addition to a reserve for readjustments such as INCC.

Get to know the region

This tip is valid for those who want to buy an apartment in the plant or a ready property. This is because knowing the region where your property is located, and which will soon be your home, is very important. If possible, make visits at different times and days of the week. Only then will you be able to have a rough idea of ​​how the street moves and the neighbors’ routine is.

In addition, for apartments purchased at the plant, it is always important to visit the sales and decorated booths, also on different occasions. If you visited the booth on Sunday, for example, the street is likely to be quiet and calm. However, when you return on Monday evening, you may notice that it is a busy place.

Ask any questions about the apartment on the floor plan

When buying an apartment on the floor, you have to try your best to protect yourself from possible problems, be they big or small. So, take all your doubts, asking from the voltage of the outlets to structural questions. Also, try to talk to people who have already done business with that construction company, and make sure that the results are really satisfactory. This reduces the risk of you being disappointed with the property at the end of construction, for example.

Record the entire process

A very important point in the negotiation of any property is the registration of all steps. To avoid possible headaches, especially for the most dangerous undertakings, such as real estate on the plant, record the entire process, from conversations to folders and leaflets. Save email exchanges to a specific folder to make your organization easier. Also, take photos of the model. They can be very useful if the product delivered is not compatible with your expectations.

Another very important point concerns the contract. Read it carefully. This safeguards your rights as a buyer and is your greatest security. If possible, count on the support of a legal representative who can alert you to dangerous clauses.

But after all, is buying an apartment on the floor worth it?

To find out if buying an apartment on the floor, as well as any other real estate development, it is worthwhile to know your profile as a buyer. This is because not necessarily an investment that is good for one will be ideal for another. Thus, it is very important to know your limitations and pretensions.

People looking to move in a short time and who have the entrance fee can choose to buy a ready-made apartment. In contrast, those who are starting their financial lives and who need more time for financing, tend to be interested in the apartments in the plant. Thus, it is very important to assess your credit, your finances and goals when purchasing your home.

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