Home office: how to set up an ideal corner for the home office

Technology, which is increasingly present in our daily lives, has changed several areas of our lives, including professional ones. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, has led many companies to adopt the home office. The results for many of them were very positive and the tendency is that this way of working is increasingly adopted, even in a normalized context. In addition, these spaces also work for those who need places for study or concentration. Therefore, ensuring a pleasant and ergonomic office is essential to ensure productivity and health.

Setting up a home office does not have to be a high investment, and there is no need to be a bureaucratic environment within your home. For productivity to be maintained, it needs to be a comfortable, pleasant, beautiful space and yet not have too many distractions. The environment can be flexible and multipurpose, adapting to your routine and available space.

How to set up a home office

Analyze the available space

A very common mistake among those who set up a home office is not to properly separate the environments. That’s because mixing two environments can affect your productivity. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to reserve a room only for the home office, since even a small space inside the room can become the ideal environment.

What is not recommended is to transform your bed into your home office, for example. Working in bed can reduce your income, as it is a place to rest. Another situation concerns taking food to the office. Choose to dine in other environments, thus making the space chosen in a true home office.

Choose items for the home office

Your home office needs to work like a real one and the best way to do that is to make it as similar as possible to the one used in a company. It is recommended to purchase an armchair and furniture suitable for home office, respecting specific recommendations, such as the ideal height for your size.

Paying attention to ergonomics is very important to set up an office that guarantees productivity and health. In most companies, ergonomic standards are respected and guarantee the well-being of the worker during the working day. Therefore, this practice must be taken into account when the work is done from home.

For this, keep the chair adjusted so that your spine is as upright as possible, the computer monitor should always be positioned at eye level and it is recommended that the table used allows the forearms to be arranged parallel to the floor. In addition, you can provide footrest, which makes work more comfortable.

Multifunctional furniture is also a great option. If you choose to set up your home office in the living room, for example, you can buy chairs that can still be used even when the office is not in use. These furniture can have retractable lids or even be fixed to the wall, ensuring space savings where the furniture’s feathers would be.

Architects recommend that your home office be standardized in terms of decor. Many times when we think about setting up some space in our residence, we end up trying to dare and transform the environments into modern spaces, similar to what we see on social networks. However, furniture with many curves, for example, is not as functional and prevents future decorations or their use in other rooms. In addition, very flashy environments end up generating distractions that can influence performance at work.

Remember electronic equipment

When thinking about a home office, many people focus all of their attention on furniture. However, we must not forget the electronic equipment necessary to perform the functions in a company. In your shopping list, it is important to include computers and structures that allow their installation, such as connectors and sockets. For some cases, it is even necessary to make changes to the electrical part.

Another factor, concerns your well-being while working at home office. For warmer cities it is important to check the possibility of installing an air conditioner or fan in the residence, as excessive heat can influence the drop in productivity. In addition, it is advisable that work materials do not mix with your personal items and for that, cloud storage can be a solution. In addition to keeping your information safe, you save on the purchase of an HD, for example.

Customize the environment

Customizing your home office can make the environment more pleasant and consequently the workday. So, decorate your home office with things that interest you, taking care not to choose items that can distract you. In that case, fixtures and plants may be the best option.

Plants or vegetable gardens work as decoration for the entire apartment. They are responsible for bringing something from the external environment to your home. In addition, they do not usually draw attention to the point of damaging their income. Some species still have another point in their favor, as they only need water every other day. Thus, it is not even possible to get close to your home office on weekends.

Another tip concerns space. It is not necessary to have a very large environment to set up an office. A small table, comfortable chair and work items can guarantee a cozy and distraction-free environment.

Pay attention to lighting

The office environment in companies is often filled with artificial lights. Therefore, working at home is a great way to ensure contact with natural light. Some people choose to set up their home office, facing a large window, ensuring maximum incidence of sunlight during working hours. If you want to make the lighting more homogeneous, a light colored curtain can be the solution.

However, some homes do not have enough natural light, or their availability occurs only at certain times of the day. Thus, it is necessary to make use of fluorescent lamps. The ideal is to opt for white lights, able to illuminate the entire environment and avoid drowsiness and dispersion, as is common with yellow lights, widely used in rooms.

Create storage spaces

Working from home offers many advantages, but it also requires a lot of organization. Those who work remotely cite the difficulty of storing documents as one of the problems. Most houses do not have adequate space to store many documents.

Therefore, the ideal is to invest in suspended shelves. They allow for the inclusion of organizing boxes, in addition to preventing work papers from getting mixed up with your personal documentation. One tip is to constantly manage what is saved. This ensures that only what is needed is being saved. Another option is to join cloud storage.

The advantages of a home office

The workday goes far beyond what is done by hitting the spot or arriving at the office. A worker’s routine involves traffic and lunch outside the home. In addition, corporate offices can be noisy and crowded. All of these elements can discourage employees in the workplace. Therefore, many organizations have observed the benefits of the home office.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a major milestone for companies to realize the benefits of remote work. In addition to the fact that the workers are, for the most part, more rested due to avoiding traffic and all the commuting, the entrepreneurs obtained a reduction in their expenses, since the cost of the transportation voucher was cut. In addition, working from home increases the quality of life and well-being of employees, ensuring better performance at work.

How to optimize work at home

Despite the many advantages of working at home, some precautions must be taken. This is because a home has more distractions than an ordinary office. These distractions range from a full refrigerator to the living room with the television on. One tip to avoid problems like these is to keep everything you need close to your home office. This prevents work from being interrupted and the desire to stroll through other rooms in the house decreases.

Ideally, all pens in the room should be in your office, close at hand. Some people even choose to keep a small fridge next to the table. So it is possible to have small meals, such as snacks, or keep the water cold, without having to go to the kitchen. Everything is valid so as not to be distracted and lose work time.

Another important point concerns maintaining your normal routine, even indoors. Resist the urge to work in pajamas or in bed. Getting up, showering and dressing properly for work guarantee better performance throughout the day.

The importance of ergonomics

The dictionary defines ergonomics as “a scientific study of the relationship between man and machine, aiming at an ideal safety and efficiency in the way in which they interact”. It aims to optimize human working conditions, using methods of technology and industrial design. In other words, its objective is to think about well-being in the work environment.

A workday that does not provide for ergonomics can cause problems in the spine, in the feet and even in the vision of the employees. Therefore, when setting up a home office it is very important to consider these aspects.

Setting up a home office: allied productivity and well-being

Working from home office offers benefits for both workers and employers. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some points when setting up your home office. This is because, it is important that your productivity at home is similar to that obtained within the company and this is only possible by eliminating distractions within as much as possible. In addition, it is essential to ensure that your health is not harmed taking into account ergonomic standards.