House or apartment: pros and cons and which is the best for you

The property in Blue World city itself is in fact one of the main dreams of Brazilians. But, after saving a sufficient amount of money for the purchase, it is normal to ask yourself which is the best option: house or apartment?

It is very common for questions to appear, since this is a big decision to be made. After all, we are talking about winning a new home. Therefore, it is very important to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options before making the choice, thus avoiding future frustrations.

In practice, both the house and the apartment have their advantages and disadvantages. In this text, we aim to help you make your choices according to the characteristics of each of these alternatives. Check below the details of buying a house or apartment and decide once and for all where you will live.

The advantages of living in a house

1. Additional space

For families with children and / or pets, having a home usually means having a larger outdoor area, allowing them to play outdoors without having to go to parks, public and private squares;

2. You decide what to prioritize

In order to make changes and improvements to the property, there is no need to reach a collective consensus, through voting and the like, such as those carried out by a superintendent on apartment renovations, since decisions are made exclusively by the residents of the apartment. immobile.

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3. Has no condominium fee

With the exception of houses located in horizontal closed condominiums, houses on open streets do not have to pay a condominium fee and you can save that money to do other things that matter to you, such as meeting friends or installing new things at home.

4. Versatility

The house also has the characteristic of being versatile, that is, you can make it a home and sometimes a company together on the same land. As well as attached offices, workshops, beauty salon, renovations with structural changes, increase the kitchen, make another room, a balcony, double the size of the laundry, among other changes. As long as the land and the plan of the property allow, this option is free for the owner.

5. Garage

In a country that has a huge number of cars, it is not only on the streets that spaces are disputed by cars, this also occurs with garages. Several houses allow the entry of several cars as opposed to apartments where these spaces are limited and fixed.

The disadvantages of living in a house

1. High cost

As there is no apportionment of expenses, maintenance costs that are essential for the conservation of the property end up being higher, since they are entirely borne by the owner. This often overcomes the savings obtained with the absence of the condominium fee.

2. Less security

Apartment buildings have ordinances and are usually located in busier areas than houses. Although there are solutions to mitigate risks, such as security cameras, alarms and electric fences, these are not always assertive measures – in addition to being more expensive. In addition, the home of a person who travels a lot or stays for a short time at home can be an easy target for the invasion of bandits, as it ends up attracting attention.

The advantages of living in an apartment

1. Greater security

The concierge most often ensures control of who enters and leaves the building, as well as prevents salespeople and other strangers from disturbing you on a daily basis. In addition, as there is usually a complete surveillance system, it scares off criminals.

2. Practicality

It is much simpler to take care of an apartment than of a house, since it is enough to clean the internal rooms (usually smaller) since the external areas are common and have service providers for maintenance. It is important to note that, due to the distance from the street, even the dust carried by the wind is usually less.

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3. Ease

Large real estate developments attract a wide network of businesses and services to the vicinity, avoiding the need to move around the city to meet the needs of everyday life.

4. More accessibility

Condominiums tend to have a more privileged location, located in urban centers or, when distant, being served by several public transport lines. As a result of this, the resident ends up decreasing expenses and his / her travel is facilitated.

5. Better quality of life

Apartments usually have a complete infrastructure for family leisure, with the right to green areas, barbecue, park, court, pet space and many other activities, thus ensuring the fun of the whole family.

6. Less stress

Since there is no need to leave the condominium to walk with children and / or pets, as well as receiving friends, avoiding traffic. In addition, in many cases, the distance from street noises provides better nights sleep.

7. Economy

Even if it has a condominium fee, if the expenses with the maintenance of the property and the reduction of the expenses with leisure and gym are put on paper, the cost of living in an apartment is much lower than in a house.

The disadvantages of living in an apartment

1. Rules and condominium

Obviously, residents of apartments and condominiums must undertake to pay the fees and submit to the rules applied to all tenants. Anyone who is not subject to the bylaws or to what was imposed in the condominium agreement may suffer pecuniary penalties, financial penalties. In addition, in some cases, such as the non-payment of fees, you may even be prevented from frequenting common areas, such as the swimming pool, barbecue and sports courts.

2. Less privacy and autonomy

Privacy is reduced, since in this type of property you live with neighbors daily, and in some cases it is even possible to hear everything that happens on the other side of the walls. In addition, the social area is shared and the owner of the property does not have the necessary authority to make the changes he wants.

3. Stairs

If there are no elevators, stairs can become a major obstacle, which is common in buildings with few floors. This can be a limiting factor for people with reduced mobility, the elderly, wheelchair users, pregnant women or children, not to mention situations in which one is carrying heavy bags, for example.

4. Commitment

Even with the advantages embedded in the condominium fee (maintenance of the external areas of the property, leisure space, reinforced security and for the practice of physical and outdoor activities), it is necessary to understand that it is a commitment and it is a fee that must be paid. Pays every month, so as not to become delinquent.

Buying a house or apartment? What is the best choice?

The house and the apartment have their advantages and disadvantages, and all must be taken into account for the buyer to make a more effective decision.

For example, the house has the great advantage of a possible private outdoor area, great for those with children, pets and plants. The apartment, on the other hand, can also not prohibit the stay of pets and can offer great leisure areas for children and adults. One can also evaluate the option for home condominiums, which are basically a combination of the advantages of houses and apartments.

Another issue that must be taken into account is the number of people in the family. Apartments are great for those who are starting life independently or building their family. This is because, generally, the apartments have smaller rooms and do not have good sound insulation between the walls of the units.

The houses are ideal for larger families, who like to welcome friends and family frequently. Most houses have larger rooms and even leisure areas, in addition to offering more privacy and convenience.

In short:

A home is usually ideal for those who:

  • seeks comfort and freedom, making its rules;
  • you need ample space to call your own and you want privacy;
  • he needs contact with nature, likes to deal with his plants, in open spaces;
  • runs away from elevators and stairs;
  • loves to take care of the car personally on weekends;
  • loves big pets;
  • he receives visits from family and friends frequently, in conversations with good music and without time to finish;
  • loves his barbecue way too much.

An apartment is generally ideal for those who:

  • it needs practicality, an easy place to take care of;
  • feels good in smaller and more cozy environments;
  • needs security;
  • you need to travel more smoothly on weekends;
  • sees the garage and yard as laborious spaces to take care of;
  • likes pets, as long as they are small;
  • dreams of a leisure area, gym, party room;
  • he doesn’t have time to think about maintaining the property;
  • likes to make new friends.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of living in a house or apartment, you can take the opportunity to check out the thousands of options available on our portal. Here you will find the most suitable house or apartment options according to your profile and you can even choose whether to buy or rent your property.