Realtor: what he does and what is the importance of this professional

The real estate broker is responsible for intermediating negotiations for the sale, purchase, lease and exchange of properties, both residential and commercial. This professional must serve as a support for the client, from the beginning until the conclusion of the real estate transaction, following up, clarifying all doubts and providing the necessary information. In addition, the realtor can also take care of bureaucratic and legal details that are part of the whole process, something that is extremely important when it comes to this type of business.

The profession of real estate broker, also called real estate broker, has been regulated in Brazil since 1962 and is governed by Law 6,530, of May 12, 1978. Any other professional who is not registered by CRECI cannot exercise the profession of real estate broker. Properties. If you exercise, the activity will be considered a criminal offense provided for in Article 47 of Law 3688/41.

The realtor is a specialist in real estate transactions, therefore, he assists the client, avoiding future disappointments and subjecting the business to happen safely.

How to be a Realtor?

The profession of realtor is regulated, therefore, requires specific training to work in the area. Today, the profession is on the rise. Many students want to pursue careers, and professionals from other areas have migrated to the area in search of, mainly, higher income.

To be able to conquer space in the market and have a good remuneration as a real estate broker it is necessary to know some information.

Anyone who wants to become a realtor needs to complete high school and register with the Regional Council of Realtors (CRECI). To obtain this registration, beforehand, it is necessary to graduate from a specialized course, as training in real estate is a requirement to be able to register. Even if you already have a diploma in another area, it is necessary to take a specific course.

See the three training possibilities and the characteristics of each one:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate Science or Real Estate Business

There is only one option of a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Sciences in Brazil. Its modality is face-to-face and lasts four and a half years. The curriculum is very complete and multidisciplinary. Students study a lot about management, but they also have contact with other disciplines, such as History, Sociology and Psychology.

Where to Study: Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA) – Public;

2. Degree in Technology in Real Estate Management

The courses called Real Estate Business or Real Estate Management also prepare for the profession of real estate broker. The courses train technologists and provide degrees at a higher level. Technological courses are characterized as a kind of graduation and have a shorter duration: an average of two to three years. Students learn about the practical and legal part of the profession and to assess the market more deeply.

Where to Study: Estácio de Sá University (UNESA); Faculdade Pitágoras (PITÁGORAS) – in Minas Gerais.

3. Technical Course in Real Estate Transactions (TTI)

The course is recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC). He is part of the group of courses with a medium level in the area of ​​Management and Business. The average duration is one year. The course forms a professional prepared to act in the purchase, rental and sale of real estate. Students learn about the necessary documentation for each type of operation, about the legislation and parameters for the use and occupation of properties.

Where to study: National Service for Commercial Learning (SENAC); Brazilian Institute of Professional Education (IBREP).

How to obtain registration with CRECI?

CRECI is present in all states of Brazil. It is a regulatory body for the real estate profession. After completing your training, you must go to the CRECI of your region and start the process of issuing the professional registration, called Individual Registration Application. The required documentation may vary from state to state. But, in general, it is necessary to present the following documents:

  • ID card;
  • CPF;
  • Voter title and voting slip for the last election;
  • Photos 3 x 4;
  • Proof, recent, of residence;
  • Proof of completion of high school;
  • Diploma of technical course or higher level;
  • Reservist certificate (for men under 45);
  • Proof of payment of the annuity, emoluments and fee issued by CRECI.

After that, the application will be evaluated by the entity’s Board, responsible for approving the issuance of the registration. The document is usually ready after 30 or 60 days.

Realtor’s Remuneration

The real estate warming that has occurred in recent years, which is due, among other factors, to housing projects implemented by the government and to new and easier financing modalities, has become a more attractive and sought after career in real estate. In addition, the profession is highlighted, attracting many people, because it offers the possibility of flexible hours, independent performance and good earnings from commissions. It is important to note that the real estate agent hardly receives a fixed salary, since not even the real estate agents have a guaranteed minimum income per month. Therefore, the broker’s remuneration will depend, mainly, on the commissions received when closing deals. The remuneration varies according to the market conditions and the differentials that the broker has.

Currently, the most practiced modality among real estate brokers is self-employed liberal work.

What does a Realtor do?

After graduating and acquiring registration with CRECI, the real estate agent is empowered to sell, rent and buy real estate. In addition, among its main functions and possibilities are:

  • Evaluate properties available on the market;
  • Sell ​​or rent new or used properties, working in real estate or as a self-employed professional;
  • Control real estate portfolios;
  • Capture properties with the possibility of negotiation, looking for the most suitable according to specific needs;
  • Provide service as a property appraiser.
  • Work in construction companies;
  • Investigate and provide real estate documentation;
  • Start your own real estate;
  • Work as a real estate correspondent for Caixa Econômica Federal, being able to offer financing through the institution’s programs;
  • Manage condominiums.

Another option for the realtor is to become an expert in some segment, such as:

  • Focus on rural properties;
  • Commercial property leasing;
  • Launching of projects;
  • Buildings for those with pets ;
  • Leasing of farms, etc.

Yet, there is another possibility for the realtor. If he wants, he can operate in the international market. In this segment, its role is to guide clients in real estate investments abroad or to advise foreign buyers who are in Brazil.

To support the process, the Federal Council of Realtors (Cofeci) has agreements with some countries, such as the United States, Portugal and Mexico.

Skills of a Realtor

In addition to the required functions and performance possibilities, the real estate market has a preference for professionals who have some specific skills. Check out the list below:

  • They find it easy to communicate;
  • They know how to identify the client’s needs;
  • They have the ability to persuade;
  • They are attentive to real estate and financial market trends;
  • They have the ability to do business;
  • They are patient;
  • They have sales skills;
  • They have resilience;
  • They know how to form and maintain a network of contacts;
  • They have control over all financial, technical and legal aspects involved in transactions and business;
  • They are persevering;
  • They have self-confidence.

In addition to these skills of a real estate agent, the vision of entrepreneurship is also important, as it enables the identification and assessment of potential and risks in the real estate business.

According to the CRECI-SP website, for a quality performance, the real estate agent must perform the following activities:

  • Update on the profile changes in the real estate market;
  • Gather detailed information about the sale, acquisition, valuation, lease, price, financing, etc. to inform the customer;
  • Have a contract regarding your service provision;
  • Combine the price and conditions of the transaction;
  • Properly examine all the documentation of the property, providing information to tenants and / or buyers;
  • Schedule visits to the property and present it to the client;
  • Guide clients who wish to invest in real estate.

What do real estate clients need to know?

If you want to buy, sell, exchange, rent or make any other type of real estate transaction, the best option is not to take any chances and look for a real estate agent and an accredited realtor. After all, this professional has the necessary preparation to guarantee you the best deal.

Another tip is to choose only a professional or just a real estate agent if you want to sell your property. If you leave your property for sale with several companies, its image may be harmed, in addition to causing the reverse effect: the sale may take much longer to occur. The exclusive sale authorization is provided for in art.726 of the Brazilian Civil Code. Thus, the owner can only authorize the sale of his property to a professional.

The Civil Code, in articles 722 to 729, determines what are the rights and obligations of the Realtor, which serves as security, both for clients in the real estate market and for realtors.


Many buyers want to take advantage of current trends in the real estate market, made even better by the boom in recent years. However, to ensure a good purchase, the work of a real estate agent is required. This professional provides assistance and all the necessary legal support, in addition to helping to avoid problems and headaches.

Now that you have discovered the importance of brokers, it is worth saying that it is equally important to find a real estate agency that is prepared to meet your needs and choose the best property for you. And Casa Mineira has a partnership program specially designed for each real estate agent to be more and more efficient and bring successful projects to you!