Small apartment decor: how to make the most of your space

A lot of people think that decorating a small apartment is something very difficult or expendable – after all, there is not enough space to add to the ambience, and adding elements there will just make the room overcrowded and highlight its smallness, right? Wrong!

Despite our common sense, decorating an apartment does not necessarily mean increasing the number of things you already have, placing pictures on the walls, vases, trendy armchairs that you won’t even use and things like that. Quite the contrary: when we are talking about decorating, we are talking about thinking about space in a way that combines the functional with the personal style of each one.

Exactly for this reason, the decoration for a small apartment is extremely important! It is with this active awareness of the space that you have that it becomes possible to think in an optimized way, creating environments that play (and do not fight) with the size of each room.

But after all, if a small home is made up of so many possibilities for decoration, what are they? Let’s go through some simple tips, which can be performed, in large part, without the help of third parties!

Decoration for small apartment: bet on less is more

Really, filling a smaller room with a large number of furniture has the potential to make the environment suffocating, that is, with the feeling of being even smaller than it already is. So one of the first things to keep in mind about decorating a small apartment is that less is more!

But don’t worry: it doesn’t mean you have to be completely minimalistWhat we mean is that, in order to have a small, well-decorated apartment, you need to understand that not everything that you think needs to be part of that room really needs to be there.

In other words: fill the room with only what is strictly necessary first, and then see if there is still enough space for elements that are not mandatory, but that you would like to have a place in your home. Just remember that a larger number of components in the same space means more fighting for attention and, possibly, less functionality for your room.

#Tip: study each environment and understand its purpose in it. With this, you can decide which are the main and / or indispensable furniture to be there and, consequently, it is easier to detach and assemble the rest of the room from that initial choice.

Tips for decorating small apartment

Decorating a small apartment does not have to be much of a challenge. With some tips it is possible to customize your space in addition to guaranteeing its functionality:

Decoration for small apartment is synonymous with organization

Detachment takes us to the next point: the feeling of spaciousness in a small apartment can be easily achieved through organization!

Do you know that feeling of a room magically becoming much bigger when we finish organizing it after a long period of mess, where everything seems to be out of place or not even have a certain destination inside? It is exactly this feeling that we want (and should!) Avoid when we live in a small apartment!

For this, you can bet on wild furniture, which are multipurpose and help you, by itself, to leave the environment organized. Hollow or shelved shelves, shelves, niches … you will soon realize that a good and simple organization will help to drastically change the impression of the size of your environments.

Also, try to give priority to suspended or overhead furniture! In decorating a small apartment, the larger the circulation area, the greater the feeling of spaciousness of the room. Therefore, leaving the floor as free as possible is a way to make your home more comfortable and practical.

#Tip: Have you thought about planned furniture? Although it requires a little more investment than buying ready-made furniture, creating something especially for your home can be worth every penny: in addition to being tailored to what you need to store there, it will be optimized to occupy the space intelligently , being a point that can completely change the decoration for small apartment!

Bet on integrated environments

If you are looking for a good decoration for a small apartment, a good choice is to create integrated environments.

This idea applies mainly to the social areas of your home. Thinking of the living room, the pantry and the kitchen in a joint and intelligent way, for example, you can create the illusion of a much larger environment, since, without divisions, you eliminate the sensation of small cubicles creating the opposite idea: that of an ample space that was well planned and divided casually.

However, it is clear that you cannot simply break all the walls in your home without prior study. Therefore, it is important to count on the help of professionals if you decide to open a space that is not yet integrated directly into the apartment plan.

#Tip: you can make subtle divisions between different environments using the furniture that makes up the space. Here, again, it is just a matter of intelligent organization of different elements!

Do not discard sliding doors

One idea that can help you optimize environments is to use sliding doors or folding doors for both cabinets and between rooms, when applicable.

With this feature, you do not have to worry about the space that would be occupied by the door, when opened, and you can, therefore, use it with other decorative elements that help you, for example, in terms of organization and optimization.

The detail is in color

Another important point is to be very conscious about the colors that you will choose to use when defining a decoration for a small apartment!

As darker or more vibrant colors have a greater tendency to give the feeling of a more closed and smaller environment, it would be interesting for you to opt for lighter tones for the central points of each room, such as the floor, walls and larger furniture.

From this, you can create spaces with a touch of color, using more vibrant and striking tones in decoration details, such as pillows, niches and smaller bookcases, paintings, stained glass or window frames or even other elements that make up the environment!

Mirror, mirror of mine…

Have you ever come across a place that gives you the feeling of being huge, until you notice mirrors occupying one or more walls? This is because this is a tool already known and overused by those who want the impression of a greater visual range.

Therefore, another interesting tip for decorating a small apartment is to use this item in your favor! Covering a large space in your room with a mirror without frames, for example, you get the illusion of an elongated environment – a sensation that starts to deceive even those who live there, over time.

This same effect can be achieved with the distribution of mirrors intelligently around the environment, such as behind the dining table, like the bottom of a piece of furniture located in a strategic place or around the windows.

#Tip: don’t forget to keep the surface of the mirrors always clean, after all, that will become a highlight in that environment!

The importance of lighting

It may not seem like it at first, but lighting is an element that can have a big impact on the way rooms look.

Therefore, if you want a good decoration for a small apartment, a first point of attention is to use well and as much natural light as possible. To do this, choose curtains with very neutral colors and that are thinner, allowing light to enter throughout the day.

Thinking about the night, bet on more than one light source. Instead of just using a fixed spotlight in the center of the room, spread more lamps or lamps across the room. The greater the lighting, the less the room is perceived as small.

#Tip: white lights can achieve a sense of spaciousness more easily than yellow lights!

How to get inspired and create amazing decorations for your small apartment

One of the best tips on how to study and create a good decoration for a small apartment may sound really silly: get inspired by what has already been done! This is a good tool even for you to be able to understand, in practice, all the points we went through in this article!

If you use sites like Pinterest, for example, in addition to better viewing everything that helps in the feeling of spaciousness or, on the contrary, contributes to the feeling of diminishing an already reduced space, you can find out more about your own personal taste! That’s because, by having several references, you can combine small elements or characteristics that interest you in each one of them to create something new and ready to be called yours!

And it doesn’t matter if this is your first experience with decorating for a small apartment or if you’ve had contact with decorating small spaces before: looking for ideas will always help you get inspired, understand what you like and what you like. would help to optimize your space, making it more and more functional.

And the best part is that you don’t have to put everything into practice at once: by creating a reference folder, you can plan to gradually test different elements and, based on your day-to-day experience, transform the space!

Here at Casa Mineira it’s super easy: we help you find the apartment of your dreams that fits in your pocket. Then just focus on the new challenge: make it a little corner decorated the way you always wanted!

After all, the truth is that it doesn’t matter the size of your home: it is always possible to have fun with your decor, especially when thinking about creative ways to optimize that space!