Why did Instagram become so successful

Why did Instagram become so successful

Reasons Instagram became so successful

Instagram is successful, in my opinion, for several reasons:


  • It enables anyone to transform ordinary images into remarkable ones. Even without the social element, this is interesting. See Hipstamatic, Camerabag, and other similar apps.
  • Others can see your photos right away; their photos motivate you to take better photos and use filters in more intriguing ways. This establishes a two-way feedback loop, which is essential for effective communication. This has been done before, dating back to Flickr, but never in such a straightforward and focused way as Instagram.


  • It has a simple, well-designed interface that focuses on the photos and the conversations that surround them. The single chronological feed that combines the photo and all of the comments is brilliantly straightforward — albeit it already appears to be outgrowing itself. It’s really simple to provide feedback by like and commenting.
  • Finally, sharing is as simple as tapping (once sharing accounts are configured). This allows users to exchange images with their friends who are already present, but it also fosters the app’s viral spread.